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Gay teen torture mastermind arrested in Cuba

Gay teen torture mastermind arrested in Cuba

Anti-gay Russian fugitive Maxim Martsinkevich has been arrested in Cuba.

Wanted in Russia for his ‘extreme’ acts of violence where he lured gay men and young boys with the promise of sex and then taped torturing them, Maxim Martsinkevich also known as Machete is currently detained in Cuba.

Over the weekend Interpol informed the Russian Interior Ministry of Martsinkevich’s arrest, according to Russia’s RIA Novosti.

Earlier this month he had posted online he planned to flee to Cuba to escape Russian authorities who charged him with extremism.

Martsinkevich is considered the founder of the Occupy Pedophilia movement, a vigilante campaign aimed at targeting ‘alleged pedophiles’.

Martsinkevich would lure men and boys as young as 15 with the promise of sex, upon which time he would film how he humiliated and tortured them. He gained international notoriety by posting the videos on Youtube.

Russian authorities have previously charged him with extremism and sentenced him to over three years in prison for his gruesome acts he filmed and posted online.

In November Martsinkevich had reportedly fled to Thailand, and in December speculations arose whether or not he was arrested in Barcelona along with three other individuals believed to be part of neo-Nazi group Occupy Pedophilia.

Since Martsinkevich is under arrest under international warrant, it is unclear when he will be handed over to Russian authorities for trial and sentencing.