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Gay teens lured on social media, kidnapped, tortured in Russia

Gay teens lured on social media, kidnapped, tortured in Russia

Gay teens are being lured on social media before they are kidnapped by neo-Nazis and tortured in Russia.

Infamous fascist leader Maxim Matsinkevich, known as ‘Cleaver’, is reportedly spearheading the nationwide campaign against LGBT teens.

According to Spectrum Human Rights Alliance (SHRA), they are using the Russian version of Facebook,, to lure unsuspected victims through personal ads.

Once a teen shows up for a ‘date’, captured victims are ‘bullied and often tortured while being recorded on video’.

The SHRA says: ‘Video recordings of bulling and torture are freely distributed on the internet in order to out LGBT teens to their respective schools, parents and friends.

‘Many victims were driven to suicides, the rest deeply traumatised.’

The group claims they are simply trying to identify and report pedophiles.

In a video posted on YouTube, a 15-year-old is seen being bullied by a group of men that appear to only be a few years older than him.

In broad daylight, one of the gang urinates in a beer bottle and pours it over the victim’s head.

And in another picture posted by the human rights charity, which GSN feels is unsuitable to be shown, a humiliated young teen is shown in his underwear appearing to hold a sex toy as his captors grin for the camera. He is also covered in paint, or possibly blood, as a baseball bat looms in the background.

According to the SHRA, Russian police have taken no action against these groups despite several complaints from parents, victims and LGBT activists.

When contacted, shut down several of the groups and profiles but did not stop them from starting new ones the next day.

VK founder Pavel Durov, currently residing in the US, has not commented on the report.

The disturbing revelations come after President Vladimir Putin signed the ‘non-traditional relationships propaganda’ bill into law last month, effectively stopping any person from speaking out for gay rights in Russia.

(Warning: The links in this article lead to pictures and videos which some readers may find disturbing)