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Gay-themed videos in vogue among Chinese singers

Gay-themed videos in vogue among Chinese singers

Mainstream and indie singers alike in Greater China have shot music videos featuring same-sex plots to tap the juicy gay market.

Actress-turned singer Eva Huang recently released a 'gender-neutral' video for her song ‘Ai Qing Gao Su Wo’, meaning Love Tells Me, where two women are shown kissing a few times.

But the mainland authorities soon banned the video, which also includes intimate scenes of a man and a woman, from showing on TV and in karaoke boxes.

While some argued Huang was deliberately aiming for a media circus, she stressed it was all about portraying a ‘transcendent love’. She added: ‘Whether you love [a man or a woman], do remember to love yourself the most when you are in love no matter what.’

The singer is now making a new version for the video to reach a wider audience.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese indie group 19 Yue Tuan of Sandee Chan, a vocal gay-rights supporter, released the video for their song ‘Nan Nan Nu Nu’, literally Men and Women, earlier on Valentine’s Day to the applause of fans. It features two couples – one gay and one lesbian – going about their daily lives, with a touch of warmth.

There is also Taiwanese novice Quack Wu, whose video for ‘OMy!’ has two men hugging each other for a split second, purely for fun.

Love Tells Me