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Gay TV doctor Dr Christian Jessen says vaping can help people quit smoking

Gay TV doctor Dr Christian Jessen says vaping can help people quit smoking

Dr Christian Jessen speaking, he is wearing a dark blazer and blue jumper

A gay, celebrity doctor wants more smokers to switch to vaping to help them quit smoking.

Dr Christian Jessen is a beloved TV celebrity who helps people deal with embarrassing and awkward conditions. He is using his influence to raise awareness that switching to vaping can help people kick smoking for good.

This is especially critical for the LGBTI community. Shocking statistics show that smoking tobacco is a bigger killer of LGBTI people than HIV.

In the US alone, about 1 million LGBTI people will die from tobacco-related causes.

But new evidence from Public Health England (PHE) has shown that vaping is a fraction of the risk of smoking. It also said vaping is an effective way to help people quit smoking who have struggled to quit using other methods.

PHE data showed vaping helps 20,000 people quit smoking in the UK every year.

VApril 2019

Jessen has teamed up with UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) to launch the awareness month dedicated to vaping. April will roll out in cities across the UK and will encourage smokers to ‘Switch On’ to vaping during April.

‘I am excited that there are now over three million vapers in the UK who have made that life changing decision to switch from smoking. But yet, according to Public Health England, an incredible 40% of smokers have never even tried vaping,’ Jessen said.

‘This is why I am supporting VApril, the national vaping awareness month which aims to change this by encouraging more smokers to consider making that switch to a far less harmful alternative.’

Doctors don’t know enough about vaping

Jessen’s support for vaping comes as a survey has revealed GPs and pharmacists don’t have enough information at their fingertips to help people quit smoking.

A new survey shows that GPs and pharmacists do not know enough about smoking alternatives. They also don’t know enough  about how effective they can be in helping people to quit smoking. Shockingly, 66% of medical professionals did not know how well heat-not-burn products can be in helping a smoker to quit. 

Research Now Group conducted the survey of 500 GPs and pharmacists. It found only 7% were aware of the position of Public Health England’s position on vaping.

‘This new research shows that in 2019, there is still a lack of knowledge around smoking alternatives and the options that are available for smokers who want to quit,’ said Mark MacGregor, director of External Affairs at Philip Morris.

Philip Morris International (PMI) is trying lead the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future. It is aiming to ultimately replace cigarettes with smoke-free products.

Smokers should have all the information

One thing almost all medical health professionals agreed on (90%) is that smokers should be given accurate and scientifically substantiated information about smoking alternatives. Some of those alternatives include, e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco products. The majority also agreed that smokers be informed of these alternatives as being less harmful than cigarettes.

‘While health professionals across the country have a huge awareness of e-cigarettes there is still a need for them to get more information about the alternatives available that could help smokers to quit,’ MacGregor said.

‘With GPs and pharmacists being the first port of call for many smokers seeking support to quit, it’s vital that they are kept fully informed on what alternatives are available.’