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Gay TV personality Andy Cohen refers to Russian President Putin as ‘bastard’

Gay TV personality Andy Cohen refers to Russian President Putin as ‘bastard’

Andy Cohen, the openly gay host of Bravo channel’s What What Happens Live talk show, refered to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a ‘bastard’ in an interview over the weekend.

During a piece on LGBTI equality on NBC’s Meet the Press, Cohen was asked about Putin inadvertently hugging a gay gold medal speed skater from Holland.

Replied Cohen: ‘We all get carried away in the magic and pageantry of the Olympics. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if that bastard did too? I mean, it would be. He put on a huge show. Learn something from it.’

Putin, of course, is behind Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law which makes it illegal to show any kind of public support of homosexuality.

‘When I see Putin, my blood boils, you know,’ Cohen said. ‘I think he is living in a fantasyland where gay people– the mayor of Sochi said there are no gay people in Sochi. There are now by the way – a lot.’

It was because of the anti-gay laws that Cohen refused to consider co-hosting the Miss Universe pageant – held in Moscow last November – for the third year in row.

‘It seemed very disingenuous of me to go to Russia and do a travelogue about what a great time the pageant queens had in Moscow, what a wonderful city when I could be stoned in a square for throwing out a gay flag.’