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Gay twins Aaron and Austin Rhodes share how they came out to each other

Gay twins Aaron and Austin Rhodes share how they came out to each other

Twins Aaron and Austin Rhodes got a lot of attention for their YouTube video in which they both came out to their father – the trio even went on to make an appearance together on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

They have shared many videos since then but until this new one posted on Monday (25 April), they had not shared how it was that they came out to each other.

The twins were seniors in high school when Aaron fell in love and decided to tell his brother: ‘I’m seeing somebody and it may or may not be a girl … so obviously I’m gay and I’m dating a guy.’

They chatted awhile about Aaron’s new boyfriend then Austin said: ‘I like guys too.’

Says Aaron now: ‘It was one of those moments – and I’ll never forget it – where we just finally caught up with each other. … It ended up with two little gay best friends who happen to be brothers.’

Although the two had never talked about it until then, Austin says ‘there were signs. I kind of had an idea and he had an idea. We never really talked about it – that was always like a taboo subject.’

Aaron says he also was not eager to talk about it earlier because he was daunted by the idea of coming out to the family and if his twin was also gay, both of them coming out.

He admits it ‘just scared me so much so I would just try not to think about it.’

Austin used to think he would never come out and spend his life living a lie.

‘I remember thinking, “Hey, I’m going to have to marry some girl and just pretend my entire life.’