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Gay twins who came out to parents live on YouTube do Q&A with super cool mom and dad

Gay twins who came out to parents live on YouTube do Q&A with super cool mom and dad

Pauline and Peter Monastero have a new ritual at night: reading the comments  that have been posted on the YouTube channel of their gay twin sons.

The parents of Adam and Luke Monastero did not even know their sons had an increasingly popular YouTube channel when the twins filmed their duel comings out to them.

‘We didn’t know anything about it,’ Peter Monastero says in a follow-up Q&A that the fraternal twins posted on their channel this week.

‘We were told they were gay and that they had a YouTube channel – it was a double whammy at one time,’ the dad adds. ‘But I think it’s good. They’re getting their message out and it’s been pretty positive. I didn’t know the power of social media but I sure do know it now.’

The father mostly had his back to the camera when his sons were coming out and was sitting on the kitchen table eating some chicken during the conversation. He never stopped eating and laughs that he is now known as ‘the chicken eating dad.’

Pauline Monastero is proud of her boys.

‘You guys are helping a lot of people – a lot of people are asking you guys questions and sharing their stories,’ she says. ‘I think it’s great. It’s all been good.’

The dad says he had ‘not a clue’ that his sons were gay.

‘It was a complete shock for me,’ he says. ‘You guys weren’t just in the closet, you guys were in the basement.’

The mom says she had an inkling about son Luke because he ‘was having some troubles for awhile and his troubles were dealing with smoking pot and he knew how we felt about that.’

One night she asked her husband if he thought maybe Luke was getting stoned because he was dealing with being gay.

Her husband did not think so.

‘I didn’t see it at all,’ he says. ‘Maybe I was just being a dad in denial.’

What about one of the twins bringing home a boyfriend to meet the folks?

Admits the dad: ‘It’s probably going to take a little while to wrap my head around it but I’ll all right with it because I’m not going to lose you guys because you have guy partners. It’s something I know you have to get used to so it’s okay.’

Says their mom: ‘I want to see the family growing. I want to see your happiness to be still a part of mom and dad. Christmases, Thanksgiving, Easter, your birthdays. I want to celebrate. I want to see it growing. We just have to get an extension for the table.’

Now that she had processed the fact that her sons are gay, Pauline Monastero has these words of wisdom to pass on to other parents with gay kids: ‘Their sexuality really should not be a factor. It doesn’t change who you are. If anything, it will bring you closer to your kids if they can be open and honest with you.’