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Gay twins to host rural pride event

Gay twins to host rural pride event

Two gay identical twin brothers are to host a pride event in their home town this September.

Jon and Mat Price grew up in Totnes, Devon, south-west England, and have since founded the Proud2Be Project.

The project aims to provide positive messages for gay people – especially those growing up or living in rural areas.

In a personal message on the project’s website, the two state: ‘As gay children growing up in a small rural village we both know how isolating it can be to be LGBT identified and have little access to those of the same community.

‘We felt it was time to bring Pride into rural areas where LGBT people are at most risk of feeling isolated and invisible.’

The Proud2Be Project runs its own video campaign on YouTube to extend the reach of gay, bi and trans visibility, runs monthly social groups in rural areas, and hosts its own LGBT radio show. 

The project has invited everyone to attend the town’s first pride event, whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or a friend, family member or supporter. 

Police Sergeant Ryan Doyle from the Devon Diverse Communities Team said: ‘Devon police are proud to support Totnes pride as part of our commitment to the LGBT communities in the area. 

‘We would like to congratulate Mat and Jon Price and the Totnes Pride team for organising the day and hope that this can be established as a successful annual event.’

Totnes Pride will be held at Totnes Civic Centre on 14 September. Find out more or offer to help here.