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Gay university doctor’s sexual abuse accusers jump to 50

Gay university doctor’s sexual abuse accusers jump to 50

John Keyse, an accuser of the USC doctor

More accusers have come forward with sexual abuse allegations against former USC men’s health doctor Dennis Kelly. There are now 50 men, both former and current students, accusing Kelly of misconduct.

Attorneys confirmed on Thursday (9 May) that 18 more men have come forward and joined the lawsuit against Kelly.

Originally, six male graduates filed a lawsuit against Kelly in February.

In the lawsuit, they accuse Kelly of sexual battery and harassment during medical appointments. They also allege Kelly targeted and discriminated against them due to their sexual orientation.

The number of accusers rose to 21 within the first month of the lawsuit. With last week’s additional accusers, the number is now at 50, as news of the lawsuit and accusations spreads.

The original six accusers came forward following a prior lawsuit accusing a USC gynecologist of sexual abuse. The university moved forward with a $215-million-class-action settlement in that case.

What the accusers are saying

One of the latest accusers is USC doctoral student Ali Jalal-Kamali. He said Kelly asked him ‘invasively sexual questions’ during their appointments.

‘In this process, Dennis Kelly mocked, scolded, guilted and shamed me for everything and anything that he felt like he could based on the information he forced out of me, as if it brought him some sick … satisfaction,’ Jalal-Kamali described at a news conference.

Another new accusers is graduate John Keyse, who was involved in LGBTI causes on campus. The accusers are gay or bisexual, and the newest complaint stated Kelly did not treat heterosexual patients in the same inappropriate manner.

‘Today, I know that Dr. Kelly performed my rectal exam in a medically unnecessary way that seemed designed to maximize my embarrassment and discomfort,’ Keyse said in a statement.

Numerous accusers specifically said Kelly performed medically unnecessary and invasive rectal exams.

Kelly denies any wrongdoing

Kelly, 72, retired last year. He’s openly gay and has denied all wrongdoing. He called the allegations ‘terribly hurftul’.

‘I can’t second-guess or question anything I’ve done,’ he stated. ‘I know I did it all professionally and without any other motive.’

Directly addressing the accusations, Kelly said it was standard practice to ‘perform a rectal swab while also inspecting for anal warts’.

GSN reached out to USC for comment.

‘We are aware of the lawsuit and are concerned by its allegations,’ a spokesperson said in a statement.

‘We’re working to understand the facts of this matter. We care deeply about our entire Trojan family, including our LGBTQ+ community, and take this matter very seriously.’

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