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Gay US ambassador marries partner in Vienna

Gay US ambassador marries partner in Vienna

Daniel Baer, the out US ambassador to the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe, married his partner Brian Walsh.

According to a post by the Human Rights Campaign, the ceremony was held on 2 August in Vienna.

Baer is the seventh openly LGBTI person nominated by President Barack Obama.

The ambassador tweeted a photo of the ceremony and thanked Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Secretary of State John Kerry for their ‘commitment to equality.’

Baer and Walsh have lived in Vienna, the headquarters of the OSCE, since 2013 September.

According to the US OSCE website, 57 states comprise the organization making it ‘the world’s largest regional security organization, bringing comprehensive and co-operative security to a region that stretches from Vancouver to Vladivostok.’