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Gay US college student gets note on first week of semester: ‘Faggots don’t belong here’

Gay US college student gets note on first week of semester: ‘Faggots don’t belong here’

A gay student at Azusa Pacific University (APU) in California, US returned to his room in the first week of semester to find a note pinned to his door.

However, this was not a welcome note, in fact quite the opposite. Scrawled in green pen were the words: ‘Faggots don’t belong at APU. GET OUT.’

The individual who received the note has not been revealed, but the image of the note which was pinned to his door has gone viral on Twitter.

Huffington Post blogger Heath Adam Ackley posted the image on his Twitter feed.

‘An APU student found this greeting on his door the 1st week of classes. Welcome back to @azusapacific. Christian love,’ he wrote.

APU is described as an ‘inter-denominational, evangelical Christian university.’

The college has responded to the image, which was posted 5 September, and the surrounding uproar on social media.

‘Students are expected to be respectful of the individual rights and freedoms of others within the APU community, including faculty, staff and other students,’ read the statement.

‘If a shared sense of understanding does not exist between community members, students are still expected to exhibit an outward sensitivity to the inherent diversity within the APU community.

‘Conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward and individual based on an individual’s race, color, gender, national origin, age disability, sexual orientation, religious or denominational difference, or any other basis will not be tolerated.’

Many were quick to voice their concern over the note.

‘I hope that @azusapacific acts swift in ensuring the safety of this student,’ wrote @elielcruz.

‘This is not okay. As Christians we should all be offended by such remarks and actions. All deserve basic decency,’ tweeted @philisking.

‘So horrifying, and very very sad. I hope he can find a safe place somewhere, on or off campus,’ tweeted @OneWheaton.