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Gay water polo team strips down in Sydney to throw some serious shade

Gay water polo team strips down in Sydney to throw some serious shade

a man in speedos faces the sydney opera house which is across some water on a sunny day

One of Australia’s leading LGBTI water polo teams, has made a hilarious video to throw shade at its competitors ahead of next month’s Gay Games.

The Sydney Stingers stripped down to their ‘togs’ (Aussie for swimwear) at Sydney’s Circular Quay, home of the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Reworking RuPaul’s ‘Read U, Wrote U’ anthem, the Stingers had a message for other water polo teams at the Gay Games in Paris next month.

‘Hey France, how the bloody hell are ya? Stingers here from the shores of Down Under, training hard all night and all day,’ the song starts.

‘A to the U to the ‘stralia’, oh that’s right, our moves are going to slay ya.’

six people posing is sexy poses with sydney opera house in the background, it is a sunny day. one person is dressed as a leather daddy, two are wearing water polo swimwear, one is wearing the white costume from kylie minogue's can't get you out of my head video and one is wearing an akubra hat
They Sydney Stingers at Circular Quay. | Photo: Facebook

Formed in 2001 the four Stingers’ teams have become a well known fixture in local water polo competitions.

The Read U, Wrote U clip features the women’s team and a range of Aussie icons.

Ivan Buckingham created the video along with the Sydney Stingers Paris Gay Games Planning Committee. Stingers’ members Nathen Brown and Nicola Ghirardi also helped out.

‘We really wanted to be quintessentially Aussie so the characters are: a surfer/lifesaver, Aerobics Oz-Style, Kylie Minogue, Crocodile Dundee, and a kind of leather/cub cliche,’ Buckingham told Gay Star News.

The lead performers are wearing the special edition Paris Gay Games competition swimwear. The swimwear features the Stingers’s logo and a psychedelic rainbow-vomiting kangaroo.

women standing in swimwear against a fence on a sunny day the sydney opera house is in the background
The women’s team show of the Gay Games uniform. | Photo: Supplied

Water polo shade videos are thing apparently

There is a strong tradition of LGBTI water polo teams making shady videos ahead of competitions. It’s also not the first time the Stingers have created a spoof video.

In 2016 the Stingers covered Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and did a cabaret performance for their French-themed Trivia Night fundraiser earlier this year.

Last year the Toronto Triggerfish did a video called Shade to which the Miami Vice responded with Strut ahead of the Miami Out Games.

Five men wearing speedos stand in V formation, the man at the front is wearing an akubra hat and holding a water polo ball. they are outside at sydney's circular quay on a sunny day
The Sydney Stingers stripped down to throw some shade. | Photo: Facebook

Do the videos work?

While the videos are made in good faith, the Sydney Stingers are confident they’ll do well at the Gay Games.

‘We want to tell the Gay Games competitors and the “Champagne waterpolo league” that the Stingers are coming to Paris, in full force! It’s a bit of a smackdown video, and a whole lot of fun,’ Buckingham said.

‘Club growth has been phenomenal in the last couple of years so we’ve got a great talent pool to draw from. Competition will be tough but we are expecting to put in a strong showing.’

Watch the hilarious video here:

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