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Gay web series Husbands back for second season

Director of The Avengers and creator of Buffy Joss Whedon is supporting the show

Gay web series Husbands back for second season

Gay web series Husbands will be back for another season, premiering 15 August. 

The series, headed up by Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, describes itself as the world’s first marriage equality comedy.

Set in a fictional America where every state has legalized gay marriage, two celebrities accidentally do a ‘Britney’ and get drunkenly hitched in Las Vegas.

One is an out-and-proud actor, and the other is a baseball player who has just come out as gay, and they have only been dating six weeks.

For fear of scandal, public opinion, and disgracing the idea of gays getting married, the two keep it a secret and try and make their marriage work.

The hilarious series, which first aired on YouTube in September 2011, has already got a famous fan; Joss Whedon.

Director of The Avengers and creator of Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse and Firefly, Whedon said: ‘Husbands is full of the kind of whip-smart remarks you wish you’d written yourself.’

The series is directed by Jeff Greenstein who produced episodes of Friends and Will & Grace, and stars Brad Bell as Cheeks and Sean Hemeon as Brady.

You can watch episodes at or check out the first episode here: 

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