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Gay woman ‘raped and abused’ by father for sexuality taking family to court

Gay woman ‘raped and abused’ by father for sexuality taking family to court

lesbian woman raped father court

A lesbian woman is taking legal action against her parents after years of alleged abuse and corrective rape at their hands.

Francesca, 23 from Palermo, Italy, told Repubblica about her ordeal, which started after her family discovered her sexuality.

She has now decided to take legal action against her parents. Her attorney Termini Imerese Annadomenica Gallucci says she wants to bring the accusations of ‘maltreatment, sexual violence and persecutory acts‘ to trial.

According to Francesca, the abuse began when her parents discovered she was a lesbian through private text messages to her friends.

She told the news site: ‘I used to cut my hair and dress like a boy. My family must have understood my choices. Then, I left my mobile phone at home one day and my sister showed my messages to my dad.

‘They came to pick me up at school. My father, my mother, my sister and her boyfriend. While we were in the car, they hit me in the head, in the legs, everywhere.’

The town pretended not to hear

She was locked in her room – then just a few hours later, her father allegedly raped her. Her father undressed, telling her ‘This is what you need to look at, not women,’ according to Francesca.

After he finished raping her, he sent the message ‘Slut, you need to leave my daughter alone’, to all her female friends. Then, he smashed the phone.

As a minor, Francesca says she attempted suicide three times. Once she became of age, she fled the country and lived in a protected community.

The parents deny all accusations.

They have spent three days in jail as of the date of publication (7 March). Francesca says they are relying on the ‘silence of the community’ of their town.

She claims the town pretended not to hear anything and would even help her father track her down every time she ran away.

Translation by Stefania Sarrubba. 

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