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Gay X-Men suffer DOMA's wrath

Immigration officials come for French-Canadian X-Man Northstar, whose legal status is at risk despite having married his American boyfriend

Gay X-Men suffer DOMA's wrath

Not even X-Men are safe from America’s anti-gay laws.

In no.56 of Marvel Comics’ Astonishing X-Men, immigration officials come looking for Jean-Paul Beaubier, a.k.a. Northstar, who earlier this summer married his American boyfriend Kyle Jinadu.

The Jinadu-Beaubiers face an apparent risk from the US government because DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

The bi-national gay couple is based in San Francisco, where same-sex marriage is not yet legal thanks to Prop.8, which dictates the only marriages recognized in California are those between a man and a woman.

Some readers and fans hope the incident will become part of a larger story in a later issue, once again raising issues like gay marriage and immigration reform within the 73 year-old American comic book company.

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