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Gaydar fights back with mobile web service

Gaydar fights back with mobile web service

International gay dating brand Gaydar is fighting back against its competitors today (3 May) with the launch of its new mobile web service.

Gaydar has long held a market-leading position for its desktop-based men’s dating site but has faced stiff competition from location-based dating apps like Grindr in recent years.

While Gaydar already has a smartphone app, the new mobile site brings those ‘find a guy near you’ features without the restrictions of iPhone and other apps – so users have greater freedom on the kinds of pictures they upload.

And it works on all devices, including a scaled-back version for people who have more basic phones.

It’s a vital part of the firm’s strategy to respond to a market where cellphone and tablet use is soaring.

Gaydar says its desktop version remains popular with new members signing up, but feels the new mobile service will suit some markets in particular.

Simon Johnson, Gaydar brand manager, told GSN: ‘People in some territories are not using desktops. They are really focused on mobile.

‘A couple of years ago we were very focused on our desktop product and that is still successful. But we have looked at the market and where it is moving and we think this new product is perfectly positioned to not just deliver what Gaydar does best but also new features.

‘Once people get to know it and learn its features, I think this will be a successful product.’

The new mobile web service uses the same database as the desktop version, so users can swap between them and still see the same friends and dates.

As well as the ability to find people nearby, it gives options for users to filter searches based on what they are looking for and to find friends with similar interests.

Johnson added: ‘We think it has a long shelf life and this is just the first launch. There will be new features and functions over the next few weeks and months and you don’t need to download those upgrades, they will just appear next time you log in.’

The product is not yet developed for the lesbian and bisexual women’s market. But Gaydar Girls users can expect ‘exciting’ news soon, says Johnson.

He said: ‘The lesbian market hasn’t, in a business sense, matured yet. But there is much more exposure of the market on TV now and I think it is about to explode, which is going to be really big for Gaydar Girls.’