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Gaydar Radio to stop broadcasting after 11 years

From dating website add-on to a global brand, Gaydar Radio will hand over its DAB license to Manchester station Gaydio

Gaydar Radio to stop broadcasting after 11 years

Gaydar Radio will be turning off after 11 years of entertaining global audiences on 7 January.

The online station based in west London, which went from a dating website add-on to a global brand, will be handing over its DAB license to Manchester station Gaydio.

As part of the agreement between Gaydio and Gaydar Radio’s owner QSoft Consulting, the Gaydar dating brand will continue to be supported by on air editorial programming and advertising support.

However all programming will be controlled by the Manchester-based station, leaving unanswered questions to whether it will incorporate content from Gaydar Radio.

A mixture of club-based pop and electronic dance music, programme controller Robin Crowley has joked the beats per minute ‘never drops below 128’.

Beginning in 2001 as an internet only radio station, Gaydar Radio won numerous industry awards and says they reach 750,000 listeners a month.

Trevor Martin, CEO of QSoft Consulting, blamed it on the cost of digital investment.

‘The challenges of the DAB radio sector have been well documented and were increasingly holding QSoft Consulting back from investing in its core dating business, which continues to expand in the UK and internationally.’

He added everyone associated with GaydarRadio should be ‘immensely proud’ of what the station has achieved.

Toby Whitehouse, Station Director and Co-Founder of Gaydio, said it was ‘great news’ for UK’s gay community, saying it will create a ‘unified and stronger programming opportunity.’

Gaydio is a not-for-profit FM radio station aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, reaching around 100,000 listeners a month. It began as a part-time service in 2006, going full-time as the UK’s first FM gay radio station four years later.

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