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Gaydio celebrates being the ‘beat of gay UK’

Gaydio celebrates being the ‘beat of gay UK’

A British gay radio station claims it is now the biggest in the world after taking over broadcasters in London and Sussex.

Manchester-based digital station Gaydio now reaches over 850,000 listeners after it took control of Gaydar Radio last week.

Chris Holliday and Emma Goswell were the first voices on the newly expanded service, which now identifies as ‘Gaydio, the Beat of Gay UK’.

Programme director of Gaydio, Toby Whitehouse, said: ‘Taking over these licences is a terrific opportunity for us.

‘Gaydar had a large and loyal audience and we’re working hard to deliver a service that people will love.’

Gaydio can also be heard online at, via apps on the Android and iOS platforms; and through the Gaydar and Gaydargirls websites.