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Gaydio Presents Out at Sea: presenters Chris and Emma on 2017’s epic LGBTI-inclusive Med cruise

Gaydio Presents Out at Sea: presenters Chris and Emma on 2017’s epic LGBTI-inclusive Med cruise

A buzzing night on Norwegian Epic's stunning Spice H20 deck

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But next year, in what could be a world first, Gaydio presenters Chris Holliday and Emma Goswell [below] will take their radio show to the Mediterranean Sea – and listeners are invited along for the ride.


The UK’s biggest LGBT radio station has teamed up with Norwegian Cruise Line and Jet Line Cruise to create Gaydio Presents: Out at Sea – an LGBTI-inclusive, all-inclusive sea tour of some of Europe’s most iconic destinations, from 4-11 June 2017.

Aboard the incredible Norwegian Epic [below], you’ll get to party with Chris and Emma, who will be hosting an array of adults-only on-board events and parties. You’ll also get to explore the fitness club, sports complex, spa, theater, comedy club, numerous nightclubs, lounges bars and restaurants, while enjoying iconic destinations such as Barcelona and Palma.


Here, the chatty twosome spill the beans on the flexibility of the on-board experience, the six amazing ports you’ll be visiting, and the incredible entertainment on board – including a cutting-edge production of fabulous musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Are you looking forward to the experience of broadcasting on the ship?
Chris: Very much so. I’ve never been on a cruise before! The ship looks amazing.
Emma: Like Chris, I’m a cruising virgin. I’ve literally only done the ferry to Dublin!
Chris: Little bit different, Em.
Emma: And I’ve never been to Italy. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. Not just for the culture, but for the ice cream.


Will you be sharing the deluxe owners suite [above]?
Emma: No.
Chris: No.
Emma: We’ve already slept together once. That was enough.
Chris: One heady night in Brighton!
Emma: I’ve tried and he does snore.

Are you taking anyone along?
Chris: I’m taking my husband. He’s American, so it’ll be nice for him to see more of Europe. We’ve been to Palma before, where the ship’s stopping, and loved it. It’s such a beautiful city, really historic.
Emma: I might take my girlfriend. It would be rude if I didn’t, wouldn’t it?


Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is performed on board. Have you ever seen it?
Emma: I’ve seen the film about 10 times. It’s one of my all-time favourites.
Chris: My husband and I saw the musical together in New York together when we first met. It’ll be nice to see another production.
Emma: How gay. I’ve seen the stage version once or twice. You were there, Chris. He’s always dragging me to see musicals.


What’s the price of the cruise?
Chris: The opening offer [until 18 November] is £999 [$1220, €1117] per person. That includes your flights to Barcelona [from the UK], transfers, and 24-hour dining in a wide range of restaurants. It also includes unlimited premium drinks, which we’re both excited and concerned about…
Emma: Hopefully that means rum. You have to have rum while sailing, don’t you!
Chris: You’re obsessed with being a pirate!


So you’ll be doing the morning show each day – what will you be doing the rest of the time?
Chris: Three hours in the morning. But each time the ship stops you get a lot of time on the ground.
Emma: We’re getting 12 hours in Florence, which I’ve always wanted to go to.
Chris: When we’re off the boat we’ll be recording stuff for the show the next morning. It’l be our adventures around Europe basically.


What are the ports exactly?
Emma: We board the boat in Barcelona on the Sunday. The Monday we’re at sea all day. Then [day by day] it’s Naples, Rome, Florence, Cannes, Palma then back to Barcelona.


Chris: I’m most excited about Rome [above]. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. You’ve got Pisa near Florence too – the leaning erection – which is also iconic. And Barcelona’s one of my favourite cities in the world. It’s the perfect mix. I can’t wait to wake up a new destination every day.

Out at Sea is an inclusive cruise, rather than a gay cruise. What does this mean?
Chris: It basically means we want all the guest to feel free to be themselves on holiday. It’s a policy that welcomes LGBTI+, plus allies basically.
Emma: The point is, the rest of the people on the cruise aren’t necessarily LGBTI.
Chris: It’s not exclusively gay, but it’s an LGBTI-friendly atmosphere. We can’t emphasize that enough. But there are loads of exclusive events. So you will feel like you’re on a cruise with us! Also there will be adults-only areas, like when the Gaydio events. We don’t mean anything risqué, it just means there won’t be kids!


So it’s nothing like your typical gay cruise that we’ve seen or heard about before?
Chris: I would encourage people to wear speedos, but it’s not like a circuit party. It’s a chance to get to know us a bit better, visit some different cities have some fun, party.
Emma: A bit of culture, great food and drink – a bit of everything. And it’s a lot of places in a week, it’s quite phenomenal.


The dress code on board is casual. Are you relieved you don’t have to pack any formalwear?
Chris: Yeah, it’s nice that you can just be yourself. But we might get a little glitzy and glam for our cocktail party, but you don’t have to do it, that’s the point. You’ve got the choice. It’s why Norwegian Cruise Line was chosen, they have a free and flexible experience on board so it fits perfectly.
Emma: That’s the cruise stereotype isn’t it – ballgowns, all frightfully posh. This own’t be like that. Not if we’re there!

Will guests get the chance to appear on the radio?
Chris: Potentially! We will be chatting to people, that’s what we do. It’ll be great to go on holiday with our listeners and get to know them face-to-face. Usually we get to know them through Facebook and Twitter.


What on-board activities are you most excited about?
Emma: Sunbathing! There’s also a climbing wall, and the slides in the AquaPark look amazing [above]. Waterslides are my thing.

You know, the Epic Plunge is the only bowl-slide of its kind at sea…
Chris: Is it called the Epic Plunge?!
Emma: Wow. I’m very much looking forward to that.
Chris: Very much!


What about the casino?
Chris: I did have one of the most debauched weekends of my life in Vegas once, so I’ll be replicating that on board. I don’t mind a flutter!
Emma: Oh, I love a roulette. But I’m sensible and managed. I’ll have a £30 budget.
Chris: I thought you said 30p!

Are you hoping to check out the bridge on the ship?
Emma: I want to use the steering wheel!
Chris: They’re not going to let you steer a massive cruise liner!
Emma: I’ve steered a canal boat before, I’d be alright! I did do some rigging the other day, but I don’t know if they have that on modern cruise ships?
Chris: No, it’s not a sail boat…


There’s also a bowling alley…
Emma: If I lose at bowling, I will sulk.
Chris: If there any games involved, watch out. Emma is the most competitive person I’ve ever met.

Are you looking forward to making lots of new friends?
Emma: We’ve very sociable, chatty, nosey people.
Chris: We’ll be peering through the cabin windows, taking binoculars…only kidding!


Who is the bigger drinker of the two of you?
Emma: Don’t say me. That is such a lie!
Chris: Emma is a very fast drinker. The wine goes very quickly. By the time I’ve finished a glass she’s finished the bottle.
Emma: I’m terrible to share a bottle with.


So you won’t be the VIPs refusing to mix with anyone else on board then?
Emma: We’ll take our sunglasses off occasionally.
Chris: I’m taking disguises with me, various characters through history.

Do you guys enjoy traveling together?
Emma: I can’t bear him.
Chris: [Laughing] We do, yeah.
Emma: We’re used to seeing each other at six in the morning. We’ve done that for years. We can cope with each other!
Chris: Also we both get ‘hangry’ – angry when hungry. Rubbish for breakfast presenters! So we can spot the signs. ‘Alright, get her an emergency flapjack…’
Emma: As long as they have bananas on board, I’ll be fine!


Well, isn’t there unlimited food?
Emma: And absolutely loads of restaurants [pictured above is Taste II]. It’s like a mini, floating city.

What’s your message to Gaydio listeners thinking of coming along?
Chris: It’s a bargain. You get all your food, all your drink, you get to explore these cities and say hello to us.
Emma: And all with other LGBTI people as well. I see it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, really. Because we’re there!


What else can you tell us about the cruise?
Emma: There will be an exclusive Gaydio takeover, featuring a big Gaydio DJ, at an open air event on board.
Chris: It’s not us! Emma won’t be doing her indie night, I won’t be doing my 90s night – that’s not happening!
Emma: But we are hosting our own party one of the nights…


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