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'With gays humanity is committing suicide,' says Italian politician

Italian journalist and politician Marcello Veneziani writes that nature 'is seeking destruction with LGBT people'

'With gays humanity is committing suicide,' says Italian politician

‘Homosexuality has been invented by nature for the destruction of human kind. In this way, humanity is committing suicide,’ an Italian politician has written.

Marcello Veneziani, a former Italian journalist, wrote an article on the newspaper Il Giornale, owned by the former Italian prime minister and tycoon Silvio Berlusconi, stating that ‘Schopenhauer was right.’

According to Veneziani, who’s also a national politician, ‘the philosopher thought that love is due to the need of reproduction. So, now, nature wants us to disappear and has switched the human tendencies.’

The journalist and politician added: ‘Ironically, nature has not spread homosexuality among the most prolific people, like in Africa or in Asia. But has spread it among us, living in a condom of depression.’

His comments come after several other Italian personalities have also spoken against LGBT people. These include footballer Antonio Cassano, who has been fined for his words, or Italian member of parliament Carlo Giovanardi.

Veneziani’s words have been condemned by Italian LGBT associations. ‘Bestiality’, said the leading group Arcigay. ‘He still lives in the medieval age,’ wrote an activist on a post on Facebook.

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