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Gays run the media and silence opponents, says Israeli lawmaker

Gays run the media and silence opponents, says Israeli lawmaker

Bezalel Smotrich from Israel’s religious Jewish Home party said Thursday that gays control the media, and hence the public agenda.

‘There are many senior officials in the media market in Israel, among those who hold the mic and tell us what we should think and what we should say, many, many of them are [LGBTI] themselves,” Smotrich told Galey Israel radio.

LGBTI people, he said, wield immense power to create a type of political correctness that drives society to align with it.

‘It influences society’s mindset. Dozens of the most dominant factors, cultural heroes, news editors and reporters, naturally cannot hear opinions like mine and will cut me off after a quarter of a sentence and make me look crazy, because they don’t let me explain myself,’ he argued.

Explaining further why it is dangerous to accept LGBTI people, he argued, ‘I’m convinced that 95 percent of Israeli citizens would want their kids to raise families and give them grandchildren. A healthy person, a normal person, that is what he wants.’

Shortly after 16-year-old Shira Banki was murdered at Jerusalem’s pride parade by an ultra-Orthodox assailant, the 35-year-old lawmaker called the pride parade an ‘abomination parade’ and complained of a ‘witch hunt’ against those opposing gay marriage.

LGBTI activists flocked to Smotrich’s Facebook page immediately afterward, posting photos of gay couples and memes poking fun at him.

Even Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett promptly distanced himself from Smotrich’s comments, saying there was ‘no place’ for such statements.