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This gender fluid brand spun heads at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

This gender fluid brand spun heads at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

ONEBYME showcased their gender fluid fashion brand during London Fashion Week Men’s Spring/Summer 2017. The brand is the brainchild of Elsa Ellies and Miles Dunphy. ONEBYME is designed to appeal to all genders. The gender fluid brand crafts each piece from a single piece of cloth. This time intensive craftsmanship results in clothing that allows the wearer the freedom to move, breathe, and live.

Elsa and Miles met in their first year at The Royal College of Art in the MA Menswear Fashion Program. Initially, they saw themselves as polar opposites. Elsa was handpicked by American designer Rick Owens to train with his team of innovative pattern cutters in Concordia, Italy. On the other hand, Miles’ aesthetic was more urban cool with an explosive energy obsessed with rhythm, movement, and dance. ONEBYME is a collision of their worlds and who they are as people.

Besides being an inventive brand, ONEBYME is the first urban brand to embrace a circular economy around their fashion cycle to help the environment. The brand gathers all their fabric remnants into a wormery where it turns to compost. Afterward, the compost is used to yield and grow food. Their progressive vision for the fashion landscape was noticed by Domitille Bertier, Senior Perfumer of International Flavors Fragrances, who assisted ONEBYME in creating their very own gender fluid scent.

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