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Allow boys to wear skirts at school as gender neutral uniform, says UK MP

Allow boys to wear skirts at school as gender neutral uniform, says UK MP

Lib Dem MP Layla Moran

Schools should be made to allow both boys and girls to wear skirts as part of a gender neutral school uniform police, a MP said.

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran said she has ‘no issue at all’ of pupils learning of trans issues, according to HuffPo UK.

Significantly, she revealed a personal motivation for the campaign; her own gender identity.

‘Different options out there’

She said: ‘There was about six months at school when I thought I was gay.

‘I wasn’t gay, but I thought about maybe I was?

‘I imagined what would that be like 50 years ago when that was against god, you were a criminal if you did it in law.

‘So I have no issue at all with putting all the different options out there on the table.

‘Let’s encourage kids to feel like they have ownership of those and what they mean.’

Not everyone should wear trousers

Moran will present her school uniform bill to the House of Commons on 6 March.

she said: ‘We’re not trying to make everyone wear trousers for example, it’s about giving people more choice.

‘Would the boys want to wear the skirts? Maybe they would, and what’s wrong with that?

‘I see nothing wrong with that whatsoever.’

Moran hopes it will decrease the stigma surrounding uniform and gender identity in trans circles.

‘It’s quite an emotional thing for children who are considering transitioning, actually being forced at that point to come out – that’s the way that one family put it to me,’ she added.

Children should be comfortable

Laura Russell, Head of Policy at Stonewall, welcomed the news.

She told Gay Star News: ‘We welcome all efforts to ensure all young people feel included and accepted for who they are.

‘All trans young people should be able to wear clothes that align with their identity at school.

‘Not only that, but all children and young people benefit from being able to wear a uniform they feel comfortable in.

‘We are working toward a world where all young trans people feel able to be themselves at school and are accepted without exception.’

LGBTI friendly schools aren’t always welcomed

Meanwhile, a primary school teacher in Birmingham said he felt ‘threatened’ for teaching classes on LGBTI rights and inclusivity.

Andrew Moffat, the Assistant Head Teacher at the Parkfield Community School, said he has received threats and ‘nasty emails’ for initiating the classes.

One email Moffat received said that he ‘Wouldn’t last long’.

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