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Leading gay actor comes out as HIV positive

Leading gay actor comes out as HIV positive

Georg Uecker is one of Germany's most famous openly gay actors.

A leading gay actor has come out as HIV positive in a new interview.

Georg Uecker is one of Germany’s leading actors, best known for his role in weekly drama Lindenstrasse, where he plays the role of openly gay Dr Carsten Flöter.

He also acted in the first same-sex kiss to be shown on German pre-watershed television in 1987; the second on-screen kiss followed in 1990, something which lead to Uecker and his co-star receiving death threats.

In recent years, there have been rumors about his health, even more so since a Lindenstrasse-producer revealed the actor was ill, without delving into further detail.

Now Uecker has come out as HIV positive in an interview with German magazine Schwulissimo.

‘Fact is, and I never made a secret out of it, I’m HIV positive,’ Uecker said.

‘But I am doing very well, thanks to the pharma industry and an on all accounts positive approach to life.’

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, though: the actor revealed he thought ‘I didn’t have much time, now’ when he initially got the diagnosis in the early 90s, and before he started combination therapies.

His numerous engagements, from being the game master at an improvised comedy series to producing a number of weekly TV shows, in combination with his infection meant that sometimes, Uecker had to slow down a bit.

‘Today, everything is fine again and I’m absolutely fit,’ he said.

‘And after this interview, I’ll probably be the famous “longtime survivor” who’s taking a step forward.’

He’s known for 25 years, the actor said, although he has likely carried the virus for more than 30 years.

‘Today, I’m constantly undetectable, really fit and absolutely determined to become a shrill old man.’