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George Michael ‘saved’ by supermodel in new video

Wham! star reveals teasers for his new music video involving a life saving act by supermodel Kate Moss

George Michael ‘saved’ by supermodel in new video

Gay pop legend George Michael has released teasers from his new music video, in which his life is saved by supermodel Kate Moss.

Entertainment website Digitalspy reported the teaser stills and confirmed Moss will appear in the video for White Light.

‘In the video, a certain supermodel (Kate Moss) saves my life,’ Michael tweeted. ‘We shot two endings, one in the Heimlich manoeuvre…and one where she gives me full on CPR. Mouth to mouth. Not really :)’.

Moss is said to be a long running fan of Michael and a good friend.

The stills available on Digitalspy involve Michael, Moss and a zebra.

The 49-year-old recently said the new single was a thank you to all of his fans who have supported him over the years and in his recent triumph over pneumonia.

It was rumored that Michael’s former band Wham! were set to reform for a special one-night concert to celebrate three decades in the music business, but both denied the claims.

White Light will be available for download on 12 August. The release date marks three decades since Michael first entered the charts with Wham Rap.

To listen to the new single check out the video here:

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