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George Michael rumored to have spent two months in rehab

George Michael rumored to have spent two months in rehab

British gay singer George Michael has returned to UK after reportedly spending two months in rehab for ‘emotional anxiety’.

The ‘Faith’ singer secretly checked into The Sanctuary clinic in Byron Bay, New South Wales, the Metro reports.

A statement from the singer’s spokesperson said: ‘There is no truth in the rumor circulating on Twitter about George Michael. George Michael is perfectly fine.’

His boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, has denied these reports and claims Michael was visiting his mother who lives in Queensland.

This news follows a health scare in 2011 when he was struck with pneumonia.

Speaking in 2012, Michael said: ‘I will receive the treatment which is long overdue.

‘Doctors recommended counseling but I believed (wrongly) making music would be therapy enough.’

Michael’s Twitter page has not been updated since January, leading to lots of fans asking where he is.

Fans, including newly opened LGBT radio station JemmOne, tweeted: ‘Sending LOADS of love to you @georgemichael xx.’

Although he performed at the 2012 Olympics’ closing ceremony, Michael canceled October tour dates to deal with health issues.