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George Michael still giving to charity two years after tragic death

George Michael still giving to charity two years after tragic death

Faith: Charities still benefit from singer George Michael's estate.

Charities around the world are still receiving generous donations from pop legend George Michael, nearly two years after his death.

In the UK, childrens’ helpline, Childline, and a Los Angeles AIDS charity have both said they’ve once again received money from the Wham! singer’s estate.

Superstar still helping others two years after death.
Superstar still helping others two years after death.

Donations ‘out of the blue’

An NSPCC source said George’s ‘considerable’ donation was ‘out of the blue’ but ‘hugely appreciated,’ British newspaper, The Mirror, reported.

Project Angel Food in LA also continues to receive donations from the star who had given to them since 1993, the paper reported.

But while the Careless Whisper singer’s generosity continues to help those in need, the star still has no headstone over his grave.

George Michael is buried next to his mum in Highgate Cemetery

The pop star was buried in March last year, three months after being found dead at home on Christmas Day 2016. He is buried in Highgate Cemetery, next to his mother, Lesley Panayiotou.

Fans outraged that George Michael still has no headstone

No-one seems to be able to explain why the international singer still has no headstone marking his final resting place.

The Daily Star newspaper reported that outraged fans are demanding someone ‘steps up’ to resolve the situation.

‘It’s disgraceful and disrespectful’, the paper reported one fan as saying.

Another, called Leah, added: ‘George seemed intensely private and understated within his private life, so perhaps he didn’t want anything too grandiose. His place of burial should be marked in some way, though.’

Another fan, called Candy, asked: ‘Why is there still no headstone disgrace. Who is in charge – they need a shake.”

The lack of headstone at the star’s grave was spotted by a tourist, the paper reported.

The star’s family has put a message on his website wishing fans a Merry Christmas. The message also promises some ‘first ever official projects’ in the pipeline for next year.

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