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George Takei creates poll for heterosexuals

George Takei creates poll for heterosexuals

It's not clear if he presented it to Donald Trump during their recent lunch to discuss marriage equality but George Takei is inviting other heterosexuals to take a 'When did you decide to become straight?' poll.

The Star Trek icon, an outspoken advocate for gay and lesbian equality, posted the poll on Facebook Tuesday (27 March), saying it is 'for my heterosexual fans out there.'

He turns the homosexuality is a choice theory on its head with the simple question: 'When did you decide to be straight?'

Takei then offers up several possible answers:

– After an incident of really bad gay sex.

– My parents turned me straight somehow when I was a child.

– What's the issue? Straights should be allowed to marry anyway.

– I didn't choose it, I was born this way. Why do you even care?

– I'm still undecided. I've heard gay food and clothes are better.

Takei, who turns 75 next month, came out publicly as a gay man in 2005. At that point, he had been with longtime partner Brad Altman for 18 years. The couple married in 2008 during a six-month period when such marriages were legal in California.

Earlier this month, Takei was part of an all-star cast in Los Angeles that participated in a reading of the play 8 which raised approximately $2 million for the American Foundation of Equal Rights (AFER).