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George Takei says it would be ‘irresponsible’ to stop pressure on Putin after Olympics

George Takei says it would be ‘irresponsible’ to stop pressure on Putin after Olympics

George Takei has been watching some of the Olympics in Sochi even though he strongly believes they never should have been allowed to be held in a country with an anti-gay propaganda law in place.

The openly gay Star Trek icon tells Gay Star News that he considers the International Olympic Committee ‘spineless’ for not moving the games after it was clear that ‘Russia breaks the pledge to the Olympic creed of no discrimination.’

‘That so-called propaganda law is blatantly discriminatory, and the [IOC] said, ‘Well, we’ve been assured by Russia that there will not be discrimination,’” Takei says.

He adds: ‘This Olympics is really a chilling thing because it reminds me of the 1936 Olympics when the Olympics Committee provided an international platform for Adolf Hitler. And the people said, ‘It can’t be that bad. It’s so obviously racist.’

Takei thinks these games should be taking place Vancouver, Canada, where there are existing Olympic venues. He had submitted a petition to the IOC with nearly 200,000 signatures.

Takei calls Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘a dangerous man.’

‘I’m not saying a holocaust against gays is going to happen, but this man is in need of a scapegoat. Russia’s economy is in the pits. And they overspent on this Olympics,’ Takei says.

‘(The IOC is) absolutely spineless,’ he adds. ‘We said all of this is happening and they said, ‘No, let me assure you. We’re confident that there will not be discrimination. They were bamboozled by Putin. He’s a dangerous man.’

After the Olympics in Sochi end on Sunday (23 February), Takei says it would be ‘irresponsible’ to stop the pressure on Putin in regards to anti-gay laws and human rights violations against gays.

‘That’s the example of the 1936. Putin is feeling his oats now,’ he says. ‘It’s a tremendous platform he’s got. And he’s going to use it. If you know Putin, he’s not going to let this thing rest.’