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George Takei scolds Boy Scouts of America

Star Trek icon and former scout says anti-gay policy casts 'a long and ugly shadow across the organization'

George Takei scolds Boy Scouts of America

As a kid, Star Trek icon George Takei was a Boy Scout, a member of Troop 379.

But the openly gay star is speaking out against his former organization which this week, reiterated its stance against allowing gays and lesbians to participate. The group has been under fire for dismissing Ohio den mom Jennifer Tyrrell as leader of her son’s troop because she is a lesbian.

'Ms. Tyrrell had taken the troop to soup kitchens and on conservation projects at a local state park. She imbued in the scouts the core values of citizenship, compassion, respect, and responsibility,' Takei writes on his website in a post titled Enough is Enough. 'But no matter: She was hounded out, merely because of who she is and who she loves.'

Takei added: 'As a former scout, it is particularly distressing to see this rigid homophobia of the scout leadership exercised so callously in this day and age. While I respect the right of organizations to their beliefs, when the organization is as influential as the Boy Scouts, I am compelled to speak out–and I have just as much right to voice my opposition to bigotry and call for its end.'

Takei, who has become a prominent LGBT activist in recent years, added that because of the anti-gay policy, 'there remains a long and ugly shadow across the organization.'

He is urging people to use his website to contact the president of the Boy Scouts of America.

'Let him know that intolerance and prejudice have no place in an organization as cherished as his, and that here in the year 2012, it is high time they changed their ways.'

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