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First Filipino transgender politician to become first to join Armed Forces

First Filipino transgender politician to become first to join Armed Forces

Philippines' first transgender politician Geraldine Roman

The first transgender person to join the Filipino House of Representatives will also become the first to join the country’s Armed Forces.

Geraldine Roman became the Philippines’ first transgender politician last year and decided to join the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) after laws were changed to allow LGBTI people to serve.

‘To show my strong support for our Commander-In-Chief Rodrigo Duterte, I will be applying to become a military officer in the AFP Reserve Force to become the first transgender military officer of the Philippine Republic,’ she said in a statement.

‘This will complement their appreciation for the LGBT community for they will see that we can exemplify the same sense of discipline, the same military professionalism, and the same love of country that the current men and women in uniform embody.

‘I admire the President for being very tough on illegal drugs and crime but also having a soft heart for poor people and the marginalized sectors of society, including the LGBT community.

‘Change is truly happening in our country now as promised by President Duterte.’

The AFP released a statement saying it support Roman’s application and does not discriminate based on gender or sexuality but all AFP members should respect their duty.

‘The AFP welcomes the expressed interest of Rep. Roman. We highly value the patriotism of our citizens and will work to cultivate this. She will be a welcome addition to the reservists force,’ the statement said.

‘We admonish them to maintain the dignity of the uniform; observe discipline, propriety and decorum; and measure up to the steep standards of the service.

‘Else, they have no room in this noble profession of arms.’