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Youth TV channel runs transphobic advert and people are not impressed

Youth TV channel runs transphobic advert and people are not impressed

State-funded ZDF has run a transphobic advert

A German broadcaster is under fire for running a transphobic advert.

The advert pitches two women against each other – but people are taking offence to the ad’s wording.

’Whom would you give €50.000 to?’, it asks.

‘Tranny or frutarian?’

ZFD neo, part of state-funded ZDF, ran the advert this afternoon (24 February) on their social media accounts.

The channel itself is considered the ‘young and wild’ element of Germany’s publicly funded broadcasters and is aimed at an audience between 18 and 45 years.

The tweet is support to advertise a new show airing on 25 February.

Titled ‘Are You Worth €50,000?’, it features a five-strong jury who’ll award €50,000 ($, £) to one winner, based entirely on subjective opinion rather than objective measures.

Of the six candidates, one will be eliminated each round, until the last two go head to head.

It is unclear whether the show will have a trans contestant, but the advert is not going down well.

Users now accuse the ZDF of spreading transphobia.

‘“Tranny”?! Are you out of your tiny mind,’ one user named Nicole wrote.

‘Thank you so much for your respectful treatment of people like me.’

Another user going by Skye, who also identifies as nonbinary, imagined what had led ZDFneo to run the campaign.

‘“Hey, let’s use a nasty, anti-trans slur against trans women”’, they tweeted.

‘“Really good idea”. Are you okay’

Many other users said the channel’s ad was disgusting and wondered ‘what the hell went wrong’ when the campaign was decided upon.

Gay Star News has contacted ZDFneo for comment.