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German far-right party elects out lesbian to lead general election push

German far-right party elects out lesbian to lead general election push

Alice Weidel lives with her wife and their two sons

A German far-right party elected an out lesbian to lead their campaign for the upcoming General Election.

Alice Weidel was voted to be the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) top candidate, alongside Alexander Gauland.

They will not lead the party – that job stays with its current owner Frauke Petry – but instead will be the party’s top candidates to take on Angela Merkel in the September general election.

In her acceptance speech, Weidel said political correctness belongs ‘on the rubbish dump of history’ and said she and her family could not peacefully enjoy Christmas markets anymore because they are so heavily policed.

But Weidel’s nomination is more than just a little ironic.

An out lesbian, Weidel lives with her partner; the couple have two sons.

The AfD also voted on a program that isn’t just against immigration, but also staunchly anti-LGBTI and anti-rainbow families.

According to her party’s stance, Weidel, her partner, and their children could not be described as a family.

‘We oppose all attempts to expand the word “family” in article 6, paragraph 1 of the constitution to include other companionships,’ it reads.

They also want to keep the definition of marriage as between man and woman and oppose same-sex marriage.

The AfD also does not want to ‘promote’ LGBTI issues during sex education classes. They claim it is an ‘improper intrusion’ into the development of children and the rigts of parents.

And they also believe talking about homosexuality or being trans could ‘confuse’ and ‘overwhelm’ children in their sexual identity.

‘In school our kids cannot become the game balls of a loud minority’s sexual inclinations,’ a draft of the program reads.

‘The gender ideology marginalizes natural differences between the sexes and acts against the traditional values and specific gender roles in families.’

As a member of the party’s federal executive board, Weiland was involved in the draft.

She has so far not openly expressed any opposition to the AfD’s stance on LGBTI equality.