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Politician demands all HIV positive people are put on watchlist

Politician demands all HIV positive people are put on watchlist

AfD politician Ralph Weber wants HIV positive people to be registered on a form of watchlist

A German politician is demanding all HIV positive people are put on a national watchlist – without their consent.

Ralph Weber represents the right-wing Alternative for Germany in the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the north of Germany.

He now wants to change the Law on the Protection from Infection (Infektionsschutzgesetz). He would require states’ Health Departments to register the names of people diagnosed with HIV in a form of watchlist.

The politician gave the growing number of new HIV infections in his state as the basis for his demand, according to German newspaper Nordkurier.

In 2015 41 people newly contracted HIV; in 2010, it was only 24.

Since 2012, HIV infections have been on the rise again across Germany.

According to Weber, the reason for the once-again rising numbers is ‘irresponsible behavior’. And he thinks that validates changing federal law.

He now wants to submit a motion to the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Parliament to make named registration compulsory.

Tom Scheel, sex educationist at the Centrum for Sexual Health in Rostock, called Weber’s idea ‘absolute drivel’.

He also said there was no problem in the state.

According to, Weber already submitted a small motion on the same demand earlier this month.

He declared measures of HIV prevention to have failed and said there was a collision between the rights of those affected by control measures and HIV negative people for whom the state has a duty of protection from infection.

HIV prevention in Germany focuses on education and guidance.

The state’s government struck Weber’s motion down.

In their reply, they said rising numbers were due to ‘diminishing individual preventive measures because of better therapy options, changes in sexual behavior, new patterns of drug use and also the growing mobility in Germany, Europe but also worldwide’.

But they also said the names and personal details of HIV positive people ‘would not offer further protection’.

The Robert Koch Institute, which registers HIV stats across Germany, said they would not comment on Weber’s statements.

Gay Star News has contacted the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, Germany’s leading organization for people living with HIV and AIDS.