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Out, proud DJ/singer Nancie: ‘Your value isn’t based on followers’

Out, proud DJ/singer Nancie: ‘Your value isn’t based on followers’

‘I’d love to receive a letter asking me out, rather than a text message!’

Rising pop star/DJ Nancie is an out, proud girl who’s into girls – not to mention a self-confessed ‘old soul’ who ‘wants to be taken dancing!’

Old soul or not, with her very ‘now’ song Get Likes amassing hundreds of thousands of plays, Nancie’s glad she’s connecting today rather than eras past.

‘If I was born in the 60s, I 1) wouldn’t be DJ-ing and 2) it’d be horrendous coming out,’ admits the 23-year-old from the Midlands.

The music industry in 2019 has, she says, been pretty ‘smooth sailing’ where homophobia’s concerned, and she’s quick to applaud her label, which she shares with Sam Smith (‘I love him’), for looking after its LGBTI artists.

‘I wrote Get Likes on the Thursday, sent it off the Friday and on the Tuesday, had meetings with labels,’ she explains of her rapid rise to fame.

‘It was literally over the weekend; I couldn’t believe it. I whittled it down between a couple and Capitol [Records UK] felt like the right one. They’re very much a family, and lovely people!’

A singer-songwriter from 14, Nancie hit the studio out of school ‘naively thinking I’d be the next Beyonce – I realized I needed to bring something more, so started producing and DJ-ing.’

‘I’m just a regular, normal girl from a small town called Dorridge!’

She wrote Get Likes – on heavy rotation on this year’s Love Island – while driving in her car. ‘I just came to me,’ she says. ‘When you drive you can’t go on your phone, you can’t be distracted!’

The reception to the song’s been ‘incredible’, she says.

‘I never had expectations. I thought, “this track will come out and I’m going to go on with my day-to-day life.” But I’m overwhelmed. I’m just a regular, normal girl from a small town called Dorridge!’

With repetitive, seemingly banal lyrics (‘Gotta go get likes on my Insta, take a picture of me with a filter’), the ear worm-worthy track is, Nancie insists, a send up of social media world which she used to be ‘engrossed’ in, but now sets time limits on.

‘I wouldn’t be where I am without social media, it can be great. I don’t blame it – but man destroys everything. We were given social media like we were given transport, the internet. Like every invention, it’s what we do it. And we’re taking it to another level.’

‘I’ve been through this – you look at pictures and it makes you feel crap about yourself,’ she explains. ‘Pictures of models – don’t get me wrong, you look stunning, but the photo’s most likely airbrushed! What’s defining beauty? I went through a period of getting face fillers, hair extensions and making myself skint buying designer clothes. It took me a long time to realize it’s a false reality and to accept myself for who I am. That’s what made me write it. I was frustrated.’

‘Your value is not based on how many likes or followers you have,’ she furthermore adds. ‘There are people with millions of followers who are so lonely, and vice versa.’

‘People say: “Oh, she’s a DJ. So, automatically, she’s a lesbian”‘

Nancie admits she’s experienced another dark side to social media – homophobic comments. ‘Mainly from guys,’ she explains. ‘It’s not acceptable, but when you’ve got older, ignorant men… I just read and delete, as I don’t need that negativity in my life. I feel sorry for them.’

She also gets ‘that stereotypical “Oh, she’s a DJ. [So automatically], she’s a lesbian.” And on nights out, people say I look straight. That I don’t look gay; “you’re a waste”, men trying it on, etc.’


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‘I don’t want to meet someone through social media’

‘But I’m a strong person,’ explains the star. ‘I don’t let it affect me. I am who I am and I’m proud to be that way.’

Nancie’s currently single and looking for love, she says. ‘But I find it hard to have the time to date’ she explains, adding (and she doesn’t mean this as meanly as it sounds!) ’I would go on Love Island – if I didn’t have a career!’

And has she had much interest from LGBTI girls to date? ‘I did have someone message me the other day: “Can I cook for you?”’ she laughs. ‘But I don’t want to meet someone through social media. Put it in a letter – I’ll get back to you in three to five working days!’

Get Likes is out now

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