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GetEqual pushes back against Perkins and Family Research Council

GetEqual condemns Family Research council shooting and FRC

GetEqual pushes back against Perkins and Family Research Council

GetEqual has no love for the shooting at the Family Research Council nor the FRC.

In a strongly worded statement the political organization was critical of the organization’s response to the crime, specifically the group’s leader putting responsibility at the door of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

‘At a Thursday afternoon press conference, and despite no evidence to substantiate his claim, FRC president Tony Perkins laid the blame for Wednesday’s shooting at the feet of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), stating that by labeling the FRC a “hate group,” the SPLC had contributed to this horrible and violent tragedy,’ GetEqual wrote in a release on 17 July.

GetEqual reiterated its support for SPLC, arguing it supports its work in tracking incidents ‘against the LGBT community and other marginalized communities across the country.’

The organization wonders why Perkins’ was silent after numerous anti-gay attacks, including the pair of young lesbians ‘left for dead’ in Portland,Texas. GetEqual insists the FRC president doesn’t speak out against such crimes because that would run counter to his agenda.

‘Mr. Perkins has time and again advocated against the humane treatment of LGBT Americans and against any legislation that would protect LGBT people from discrimination or attack. Decades of paid work focused on marginalizing and demonizing LGBT Americans has resulted in tacit endorsement of violent acts and the spread of false information about LGBT Americans.’

The political organization condemned suspect Floyd Lee Corkins II and wished a speedy recovery to the injured security guard.

‘GetEqual never condones or advocates for violence, and believes wholeheartedly that when violence is used we all lose. There is no power in violence; our power comes by coming together as a community, standing shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters and refusing to be moved under the weight of discrimination, prejudice, and intolerance.’

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