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Ghana to crackdown on lesbian schoolkids

Ghana to crackdown on lesbian schoolkids

Ghana has announced a crackdown on lesbian children.

The Education Ministry has vowed to severely punish any student caught engaging in ‘homosexual or lesbianism activities’.

Public relations officer for the ministry claimed during a Ghanaian radio show a girl was forced to leave school after she faced pressure from other students to ‘practice lesbianism’.

He said: ‘It is a big problem and it is an issue that nobody is happy about. Those who engage in homosexuality and lesbianism, I mean these are practices that we don’t condone in our parts of the world.

‘We as officials of the Ghana Education Service shun such practices and we would not condone them in our educational institutions.

‘So when the culprits are found out we will punish them according to the rules and regulations that guide the schools.’

Under the Ghana Education Ministry rules and regulations, any penalty for major misconduct is expulsion for the student. A teacher must also take the student to the police station.

In April this year, 53 male students were expelled from Ghana high schools for being gay.

Gay sex and behavior between men is illegal in Ghana punishable up to three years in prison. It is unclear whether same-sex sexual activity among females is illegal.