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Ghana school tries to lynch two gay students

Ghana school tries to lynch two gay students

Two students at an all-boys high school were arrested in Ghana after their classmates tried to lynch them for sodomy.

Police were called to St Paul’s Senior High School in Danu Friday night (6 February) after students started rioting over two boys they caught having sex. One first-year student was killed in the incident.

Local media reported that the mob turned on their teachers who they accused of protecting the boys and preventing them from ‘delivering instant justice.’

They stormed the teacher’s bungalow, smashed car windscreens, destroyed school property, barricaded the roads in the school compound and burned truck tyres.

The police were called in to restore order but the students threw stones at them. The police fired warning shots in attempt to disperse the mob, one of which hit a student in the head and killed him.

‘The school is ready to penalize us when we wear unsubscribed attires but fail to apply the rules when other colleagues sodomize,’ students told Citi News.

‘The police came opening fire on us and one of the stray bullets hit our friend.’

The school has been temporarily closed and the two students at the center of the incident are asissting with the investigation, though it is not clear if they will be prosecuted.

Ghana punishes ‘unnatural carnal knowledge’ with up to three years in jail.