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Ghanaian cleric brands ‘most’ homosexuals as ‘Satanists from the devil’

Ghanaian cleric brands ‘most’ homosexuals as ‘Satanists from the devil’

Ghanian Priest brand homosexuals as satanists

An anti-gay Ghanaian cleric reportedly told his congregation that gay men ‘are satanists from the devil’.

Ghanaian cleric Emmanuel Martey, the former head of Ghana’s Presbyterian Church, sermonized a crowd on Sunday (4 March).

In the speech he claimed that gay men cannot be Christian followers at the same time.

Martey of the Agape Gospel Mission in Accra and known for his strong anti-gay views, said ‘most of these homosexuals, they are satanists.’

Ghanaian cleric ‘doesn’t want any argument’

Pulse Ghana reports that Martey claimed gays should not be tolerated in society as they are ‘from the devil’.

‘For somebody to call himself or herself a Christian and homosexuals or lesbian at the same time.

‘For me I don’t want any argument…they say they were born that way, okay, you were born that way but if you say you want to be a Christian there’s something, a doctrine in Christianity, called regeneration.

‘Being born again if you were born homosexual and you want to be a Christian then you must be born again.’

He then went on to elaborate his thoughts to the congregation, saying that ‘being born gay’ was not valid because anyone can accept Christ into their lives.

‘”I was born with it or it’s genetic”. According to him, such statements are baseless and have no grounds because they (homosexuals), even scientists, have not been able to prove whether it’s natural for someone to be born a homosexual or otherwise,’ he continued.

Reverend Martey: Gay people ‘plotting to infiltrate the government’

Martey has long been outspoken about his anti-gay views.

In July 2013, he alleged that gay people were plotting to ‘infiltrate’ the Ghanaian government in order to ‘destroy’ the country.

At the time Martey stated that Ghana must not tolerate the ‘satanic practice’ in any form or nuance.

He urged all Ghanaian leaders to ‘wake up’ and take a stand against homosexuality.

The comments came as he spoke at the Osu Presbyterian Church to mark the 31st anniversary of the extra-judicial killing of three High Court Judges and a retired army officer.

The killings were led by the Provincial National Defence Council military junta in 1982.

Meanwhile, Gay rights have long been used as a political weapon and a method to attract more religious followers in the country, according to local activists.