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Gia Gunn alleges unaired RuPaul confrontation on All Stars

Gia Gunn alleges unaired RuPaul confrontation on All Stars

Gia Gunn | Photo: All Stars 4/VH1

Gia Gunn has revealed she had an unaired confrontation with RuPaul on the latest season of All Stars.

Speaking on Willam and Alaska’s recap podcast Race Chaser, Gia said: ‘I very well knew that none of that was going to air because the show is not about making her look anything but great.’

Gia, who is trans, was responding to Willam, who asked her: ‘Did you have a moment where you had any words with Ru about her past thoughts on having trans people on her show?’

In a 2018 interview with The Guardian, RuPaul said he would ‘probably not’ have trans women on the show.

RuPaul furthermore added: ‘You can identify as a woman and say you’re transitioning, but it changes once you start changing your body,’ before apologizing after a backlash.

‘Of course, it wasn’t aired’

Gia told Willam: ‘Well, I did. Of course, it wasn’t aired.’

Describing the lead up to Snatch Game segment of the show, Gia said: ‘I felt completely disregarded. I didn’t feel acknowledged. I didn’t feel wanted, to be there in the competition.

‘Truthfully it really hurt my feelings and I had a really big breakdown in between sets and I was just like, “If I’m getting this feeling from her and I don’t feel very welcome then what the fuck am I doing here?”‘

‘I just felt really hurt’

The star furthermore claimed: ‘If we were going to bring somebody on the show to basically, you know, clean up somebody’s mess, obviously that fell on me, right?

‘Because months before she had made a statement that was completely opposite of what they did. And I knew by being casted that I was going on there to basically show the world that this show does quote unquote support trans and that she does see trans people as drag queens.

‘So for me to get there and for us to be on episode three, never have eye contact with her, never have any sort of acknowledgement of “oh, you’ve come so far” or “your journey has been so beautiful to watch” or anything of that sort. I just felt really hurt.’

Gia was eliminated in week three of the show.