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Girl, 12, bullied for bisexuality commits suicide

Girl, 12, bullied for bisexuality commits suicide

A 12-year-old girl bullied for being bisexual has committed suicide.

Alyssa Morgan from Des Moines, Iowa hung herself in her family’s garage on 3 April.

‘I am the one who found my daughter and the image haunts me every day,’ her mother Nicole Morgan told KCCI-TV.

In the three weeks leading up to her death, Alyssa had been out of school due to bullying, which exacerbated after she came out as bisexual.

‘It got to the point where you know, she wasn’t happy anymore and she was self-harming herself,’ said Nicole.

‘When you have other people telling you that you’re not worthy of anything or that being bisexual is wrong or somehow disgusting, you know, they’re going to take that into thought, you know, that maybe I wasn’t right for this world.’

Nicole remembers her daughter as ‘your typical 12-year-old girl,’ who liked drawing, taking selfies and putting make-up on.

She said Alyssa seemed fine 20 minutes before entering the garage and hanging herself.

Alyssa left a suicide note that read: ‘I’m sorry… for everything… I just can’t anymore… I love you ALL Goodbye.

Nicole slammed officials at Southeast Polk Junior High School, who she said told Alyssa to ‘toughen up.’

‘They don’t seem to want to deal with the situation,’ Nicole told the Des Moines Register.

‘To me, it seems like they want to cover it up.’

Two years ago, a gay student at the Southeast Polk High School, AJ Betts, committed suicide at 16.

His mother said the school did not address the anti-gay bullying he faced then and contends that Alyssa is the 15th Southeast Polk student to take their own life in 12 years.