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Girl, 7, writes poem for her dead trans teacher

Girl, 7, writes poem for her dead trans teacher

A seven-year-old girl has written a poem for her transgender teacher who is believed to have killed herself.

Daisy Moreton read out the poem at a march celebrating the life of Lucy Meadows in Accrington in Lancashire, England.

It reads:

‘Makes you happy
in high spirits
said kind things

Made us feel good
ever helpful
always nice
one of a kind
wonderful teacher

Those involved in the rally met at St Mary Magdalen’s school, where Miss Meadows taught, before marching to Accrington Town Hall.

After a local newspaper ‘outed’ her last December, the Daily Mail also reported on her transition.

Columnist Richard Littlejohn wrote an opinion piece asking whether anyone had thought of the ‘devastating effect’ on pupils of their teacher’s change in gender.

Over 210,000 people signed a petition calling for the sacking of Littlejohn, which was delivered to the offices of the Daily Mail.

A parliamentary debate is now being planned in order to learn lessons from the circumstances leading to Meadows’ death.