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UKIP candidate compares being gay to her own attraction to gorillas

UKIP candidate compares being gay to her own attraction to gorillas

Gisela Allen said LGBTI people should keep their sexuality private, like she does her attraction to gorillas

UKIP candidate says she doesn’t advertise her sexual attraction to gorillas so gay people shouldn’t come out either

A far-right candidate in the UK General Election has drawn a bizarre comparison between her attaction to a gorilla and homosexuality.

Scottish UKIP-hopeful Gisela Allen said LGBTI people should not come out in an interview with the Sunday Herald.

‘I am not anti-gay – but how can you call that a community? Sex life is everybody’s private affair,’ she said.

‘You do not come out and declare openly.’

Then the candidate spoke about her experience volunteering at Glasgow Zoo and her own apparent sexual interests, whom she said she kept to herself – until that interview, that is.

‘Do you think I am going all over the city and saying my idea of a sexually-attractive creature is a gorilla,’ she said.

‘When I go to a zoo and I see a gorilla my hormones go absolutely crazy. I find a gorilla very attractive.’

She also told the Sunday Herald she would castrate violent criminals and is in favor of euthanasia for the elderly and the sick.

On Saturday (22 April), Allen already made headlines after writing a piece for the Clydebank Post.

In the article, Allen proposed a number of controversial policies she wanted to introduce.

‘No sex education in school and I don’t want any LGBT community,’ she said.

‘It’s private life, none of anyone’s business.’

She would also like to reintroduce the death penalty, saying it didn’t need to be hanging but could be by guillotine instead.

Allen believes India and China are the biggest threats in the world, that the Scottish National Party (SNP) is a public danger, and that ‘we are heading for World War III’.

She also wants to abolish golf courses, because ‘they’re and environmental threat and a threat to the safety of people’ and believes nurseries should not go supported because women should stay at home with their children.

Ironically Allen, who is 84, also thinks ‘people are becoming far too old’ and that the retirement age needs to be increased by five years – so people would stop working at 70.