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Global call for gay kisses to fight gay hate

Global call for gay kisses to fight gay hate

It does not matter whether you are gay, bisexual or straight, there is a worldwide call to combat homophobia with a kiss this week.

Across the globe, there will be several ‘kiss-ins’ promoting the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

In the UK, Manchester’s Lesbian & Gay Foundation will ‘Kiss Hate Goodbye’ with a flash mob on 18 May.

Grahame Robertson, a spokesman from the charity, told GSN: ‘The Kiss Hate Goodbye flash mob and campaign in general is a chance for everyone to make a big statement against LGBT hate crime.

‘We are encouraging people to come along and show public display of affection to promote the cause. And it’s open to everyone, there are no restrictions on who kisses who.’

Maniz in Germany will also hold a ‘Kiss The Pride’ event on 18 May, where supporters will ‘kiss the camera’ to publicize the cause.

There will be similar kiss-ins in France, Wales, China and in many other countries.

To join in visit the IDAHO website and find out where your nearest kiss event is taking place.