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Going somewhere? India’s trans community will get you there

Going somewhere? India’s trans community will get you there

Kochi's train network will reserve 23 positions for trans people. Photo: Kochi metro

In a first for a government department in India a number of positions on Kochi’s train networks will be reserved for trans people.

Kochi is the capital city of southern state, Kerala, which is considered a leader on LGBTI issues in India.

The state government will provide 530 people work on its Kochi Metro Railway Line (KMRL) and has guaranteed 23 of those roles will go to trans people. The workers will come from the government run poverty eradication and women empowerment programme, Kudumbasree. The jobs will range from ticket sales to train driving and cleaning of stations.

‘We would like to give members of the transgender community their rightful share in different jobs at stations. There will be no discrimination between them and women workers,’ KMRL’s managing director, Elias George told The Hindu.

‘The metro agency is the first government-owned company in India to formally appoint them.

‘I hope other firms in Kerala give them a respectable opportunity to work. Society’s mindset towards them will change only by direct interaction with them.

‘Moreover, members of that community cannot at all be blamed since they are born with such a biological situation.’