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Going to a Spice Girls themed bottomless brunch made all my dreams come true

Going to a Spice Girls themed bottomless brunch made all my dreams come true

shannon stands in the middle of the spice girls tribute group

It goes without saying that if I get an invite to a Spice Girls themed bottomless brunch, I’m 100% going to be there.

I mean, it combines many of my favorite things: brunch with bottomless drinks and the Spice Girls. What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon?

It was my first 90s Brunch, a series of events dedicated to the lovers of the 90s and those like me who are a little bit nostalgic for the decade that gave us Bill Clinton’s sex scandal and aromatherapy.

Turning up on the chilly Saturday morning, I don’t know why I was surprised to see a lot of people dressed up as their favorite Spice Girl. I felt a bit disappointed that I didn’t have the idea to do that myself. I definitely would’ve gone as Scary.

But there was a buzz in the air. Clearly everyone in the room was hardcore Spice Girls fan and we were way too eager to start partying.

The venue was the Tropicana Beach Club in Covent Garden and the bar’s tiki theme helped add a fun atmosphere on top of the 90s paraphernalia and posters.

The ‘bottomless’ portion of the day only ran from 12-1pm and people had to line up at understaffed bars to get their drinks. Also, the arduous check-in and seating process further delayed people in that first hour of arriving so many of us were only left with not much time to take advantage of the drinks included in the ticket price. The drinks options were limited to orange juice mixed with bourbon or tequila and I would’ve like a bit more variety.

shannon standing in the middle of another spice girls tribute group two of them are holding big cardboard photos of scary and sporty spice
I just spent my time at the 90s Brunch posing with different groups of Spice Girls | Photo: Supplied

Spice Up Your Life

There was no doubt an excited vibe in the air as people sat down to eat brunch. The brunch came out in three courses and consisted of mainly bar food like chicken wings and jalapeno poppers.

Not long into the lunch some people lined up to get temporary tattoos, while everyone else watched the 90s Brunch staff bust some impressive moves on roller skates in the middle of the dance floor.

But the main event is what got everyone in the 90s spirit.

Spice Girls tribute group, Spice Up Your Life, hit the stage to belt out some of the group’s biggest hits. I’m not exaggerating when I say everyone at the event raced to the dance floor to sing and dance along.

As a kid growing up in the 90s being obsessed with the Spice Girls, I’m not sure I would’ve ever pictured myself quite losing my shit the way I did when that group started singing.

But like everyone else at the 90s brunch, it was clear the Spice Girls still meant a lot to them and we remembered all the words.

The bottomless drinks also might’ve helped.

shannon poses in a cardboard cutout which has a picture of destiny's child
Is it even a 90s brunch if you don’t pose for a picture with Destiny’s Child | Photo: Supplied

The 90s Brunch was so much fun and definitely a unique way to spend a Saturday afternoon, just don’t make any plans for the evening, you definitely won’t get to them.