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Goldfrapp unveils must-watch short film exploring gender identity

Goldfrapp unveils must-watch short film exploring gender identity

While Goldfrapp may be known for electro pop, glam and glitter, the band has always been artists.

The British duo have unveiled a must watch video exploring gender identity, with them describing it as ‘our little film about a girl trapped inside the body of a boy.’

Thoughtful, tender and intimate, ‘Annabel’ centers around a young child living in the countryside dreaming, drawing of a female figure.

The mother, played by Alison Goldfrapp, comes to accept the child for who she wants to be. When that happens, the child experiences euphoria.

The track is based on the book ‘Annabel’ by Kathleen Winter, which instead is about an intersex child. In the novel, a boy discovers his true self and explores the girl inside that was denied at birth.

When she heard the track, Winter said: ‘I realized my work had entered a new place – it had become part of all music: it belonged in the communal air, not just in my body, or the writer’s lair, anymore.

‘I’d handed Alison Goldfrapp an egg and she’d held it until it bore an infinitesimal crack, and out of that space escaped the longed-for bird girl in each of us, and the bird girl had her wings and could fly.’

The seven minute video was created by director Lisa Gunning, with a full film to be shown in cinemas later this year.

‘Annabel’ is from Goldfrapp’s sixth studio album Tales Of Us, due to be released on 9 September.

Check out the video below: