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Google is ignoring Kenya’s attempts to get a gay rights rap video banned

Google is ignoring Kenya’s attempts to get a gay rights rap video banned

Google is not complying with a Kenya Films Classification Board order that it geoblock a music video that supports LGBTI rights in Africa so that it cannot be watched inside Kenya.

The offending video is a remixed version of Macklemore and Brian Lewis’ gay rights anthem Same Love but Kenyan rappers Art Attack have added their own lyrics to the music and a video which mixes self shot footage with scenes from the US hit television series Empire.

Art Attack launched the video on YouTube on 15 February and it has been watched over a hundred thousand times since then, while causing debate and outrage in the Kenyan media.

The board claims that the video contains nudity and pornographic images and that it has banned the video. However as it is being hosted outside of Kenya there is nothing they can do about it on their own. GSN has viewed the video in full and there is no sex, simulated or real – nor is there any full frontal nudity.

The board’s chief executive, Ezekiel Mutua, said he expected Google to comply with their demands within a week. However Google is yet to acknowledge their request.

‘The least we expected from Google was a reply whether in the affirmative or not. It is important that Google makes a step on this,’ Mutua said.

‘The video currently circulating on YouTube consists of lyrics that strongly advocate for gay rights in Kenya complete with graphic sexual scenes between people of the same gender as well as depiction and pornography,’ Mutua had earlier said in a broadcast by K24TV.

‘In our communication to Google we have requested the organization to ensure that the video is not accessible in Kenya on both the Google search engine and also on the YouTube. We have also indicated that we expect expeditious action on this matter to avoid further violation of the law.’

The matter has also been reported to the Kenyan Police who are seeking to track down and identify the members of Art Attack.

You can listen to the song below