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GOP turns to Pence as Trump stumbles

GOP turns to Pence as Trump stumbles

Donald Trump officially introduces his vice president running mate, Governor Mike Pence

It’s been a difficult 24 hours for Donald Trump. Late yesterday, 7 October, a 2005 tape surfaced where he brags to television personality Billy Bush about groping women.

‘…When you’re a star they let you do it,’  Trump says. ‘You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy.’

The Republican Party nominee for the White House spent today watching fellow Republicans drop their support for his candidacy. According to the Washington Post, approximately two dozen GOP lawmakers have asked the candidate to step aside in lieu of running mate Mike Pence.

Carly Fiorina, a former Republican presidential candidate, posted a statement on Twitter:



Senator Kelly Ayotte, who has  a difficult reelection in New Hampshire, withdrew her support and said she would write Pence’s name in.




As for Indiana Governor Pence, he joined the chorus denouncing Trump. He also wished his running mate good luck in tomorrow’s scheduled debate with Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.




While the party turns to Pence, his anti-LGBTI equality stances are public record. Last year, he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law. It allows businesses, and individuals, to deny services to gay residents of the Hoosier State.

In 2000, when running for a seat in the House of Representatives, the Republican argued money from the Ryan White HIV and AIDS Program should be redirected to ‘gay cure’ organizations.

Earlier this year, Pence admitted to removing pro-gay comments from his Facebook page.

He did apologize for that action.