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GOProud stands proudly with the Republican party

Prominent gay conservative organization focuses on the economy in the upcoming White House race

GOProud stands proudly with the Republican party

While the Log Cabin Republicans are pointing to the anti-same sex marriage language in the Republican platform, GOProud wants voters to keep their attention on how the GOP can improve the economy.

Jimmy LaSalvia, the organization’s co-founder and executive director, spoke to Gay Star News this afternoon (30 August). He acknowledged disagreement with the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket when it comes to gay marriage. However, LaSalvia maintained LGBT Americans, like their straight peers, are affected by a weak US economy.

‘The top issues facing gay Americans are jobs and the economy,’ LaSalvia said in a phone interview. ‘Everybody in America is living under the failed Obama economy.’

He added the platform, approved on 28 August, has no legal standing and has already come under fire from prominent Republicans. The document calls for  a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage across the country, and a federal investigation into the alleged threats of  violence ‘religious believers’ face from same sex marriage advocates.

‘There is a small minority of people who make the platform their number one priority,’ LaSalvia noted. ‘The outcome of the platform was predictable.’

He pointed to the attendance of GOProud’s Homcon get together as a better indicator of the party’s relationship with gays and lesbians. As reported by the New York Times, several hundred people were at the party held at a Tampa bar called the Honey Pot.

‘The reality is we made history with the largest event hosted by a gay organization at a Republican convention. That sends a message to the country that the Republican establishment is welcoming to gay people.’

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